Prescriber Covers

Prescriber Cover Illustrations – Still Image Case Studies

Prescriber is a fortnightly journal that covers prescribing and medicines management. It is distributed to healthcare professionals. Each issue has a cover illustration that visualizes the main topic of discussion.

ACE Inhibitors (Vol 15 – Issue 9)


Prescriber Cover - ACE Inhibitors
ACE inhibitors (‘ACE’ stands for Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) are medications that are primarily used to treat high blood pressure and weak heart muscle. To convey the concept that they protect the heart from damage, we illustrated a heart surrounded by a glass shield for this cover.

Heart Failure (Vol 17 – Issue 12)


Prescriber Cover - Heart Failure
Heart failure is where the heart has insufficient power to pump the blood around the body effectively. Too illustrate this we created three human figures that were transparent and thus showing their hearts and a simplified blood vessel system. The central figure, coloured differently, showed fewer red blood cells being pumped.

Lipid-Lowering Treatment (Vol 17 – Issue 10)


Prescriber Cover - HyperlipidemiaHyperlipidaemia is where blood has abnormally high levels of lipids. It is a common condition in the west. High levels of LDLs (Low Density Lipids) can lead to a condition called atherosclerosis. This cover illustration showed LDL balls floating in a blood vessel.

Other Prescriber Cover Illustrations

The following shows a few of the multitude of cover images we created for the Presciber journal.

Prescriber Covers